Jim Santopadre Is The Financial Ninja

Like you, Jim Santopadre has never been satisfied with just being another cog in the machine, so he set out to find his niche. With successes as a contractor, manager, sales professional and entrepreneur, Jim’s path inevitably led him to real estate investing. Possessing extensive knowledge of the construction/rehab field, a solid business education, and hands-on experience in both small business and the corporate world, real estate investing was the obvious choice. This is where the world of finance opened up to him.

Born in Chicago and raised in it’s northwestern suburbs, the midwestern work ethic was ingrained in Jim at an early age. Starting work much earlier than most youngsters, he was “discovered” performing as the lead in a 3rd grade school play which lead to a five year stint as a professional actor all over the Chicagoland area. After getting his first “real” job in a local pizza place at the beginning of his freshman year of high school, Jim never looked back, often working two or more jobs at a time. Jim’s father had a small electrical contracting business and at eighteen Jim became officially an employee, although he had spent many weekends and vacations from school helping his dad. Jim spent the next fifteen plus years side by side with his father mastering his trade and learning all aspects the electrical business. Jim’s construction knowledge reaches far beyond just being an electrician, he has experience in many aspects of remodeling including rough and trim carpentry, painting, drywall, and plumbing. Jim’s father was satisfied keeping the business small, Jim however is always looking for the next challenge and decided to move on to his next venture.

After a short tenure in IT, Jim seized an opportunity to open a restaurant/bar in the suburbs of Chicago in October of 2007. On a shoestring budget and in the worst economic climate for that type of business since prohibition, Jim ran his restaurant for four years before finally closing in August of 2011. An incredible accomplishment in an industry with a 90% failure rate within the first year, not to mention the brutal market conditions of which had to contend. Jim became a master of creating value out of nothing and using leverage and connections to get things done when capital is scarce. Although not a great financial success, the life and business lessons learned have become an invaluable part of Jim’s business and life strategies.

After closing up the bar in 2011, Jim had to re-enter the job market during a terrible economy. Fortunately, even though there wasn’t very much going on the construction world, Jim was able to leverage his construction experience to land a job for Grainger. He worked providing support to Grainger’s sales staff and customers on the several hundred electrical and lighting products Grainger carried for about three years until the construction industry started to gain steam again. Jim now owns and operates a successful general contracting company called Last Call Construction which specializes in basements, additions, kitchens/bathrooms, and running rehabs for real estate investors all over Chicagoland.

Considering himself a life-long student, Jim completed in bachelor degree in management, Summa Cum Laude and was pursuing his MBA in finance when he stumbled upon a comprehensive real estate investing and entrepreneurship education program which changed his life forever. He is actively involved in several real estate investing groups, one of which he gives financial strategy presentations every Tuesday night, among other professional organizations.

This new education system has caused Jim to put his MBA on hold for now, so he could focus on the incredible new strategies in which he has been immersing himself. This is where The Financial Ninja was born. With the life changes these strategies have made in Jim’s life, he was inspired to pay it forward to as many people who would listen. Jim realized that he didn’t really have anyone to turn to when he ran into financial issues or had wealth building questions. It is Jim’s intention to give others a place to turn when they need advice from someone who has been through it. The Financial Ninja is just another step in getting his message of acquiring financial freedom to the masses.

~“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself.” – Groucho Marx